Viva Verratti

The turnaround story of the Euro 2020

Marco Verratti is there. Finally there. After years of not living up to his promise, of not fulfilling the hopes and expectations of PSG fans, of being chastised as too relaxed, of being injured too much and at the wrong time, the most handsome Italian footballer is in the final of the Euro 2020 with the Italian team. He is their leader, their play and pace maker and looking at the recent Italian matches: he is so good, you’d think he’d find space to create and pass a ball in an elevator.

And what a handsome man he has become with his piercing blue eyes. Reason enough for us to bring back this series from 2018 shot by Arnaud Pyvka in Verratti’s home in Neuilly. Verratti loves fashion and is a perfect model. We used the images to headline the exhibition Fanatic Feelings at Pitti in Florence. It was the proud moment where our fashion football idea was elevated to exhibition status and along with art curator Francesco Bonami, Sepp set up a several room show centered around the images of Verratti.
Thanks again to our pal Fabien Allègre at PSG for making it happen. Forza Marco, yes, Sepp is for Italy.

All images photographed by Arnaud Pyvka for Fanatic Feelings.