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Sepp’s celebration of women’s football

Had we listened to our inner radar earlier, the new issue of Sepp should have been published for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 this summer, which had the whole world watching. Germany was­ in ­the ­final­ against England, memorable images were created and the sport­ is­ finally­ taken as seriously as men’s.

The match took place in front of a crowd of 87,192, a record attendance for a women’s international fixture in Europe and for any European Championship final. Women outperforming men. Hence, we forewent our typical issue featuring male players and ignored the action in Qatar. We will publish our entire fanzine featuring the fresh Lena Mantler in the next weeks here. Sepp will be back with a major print issue for the Euro 2024 in Germany.

Kingsley Coman for the cover of Sepp 11 shot by Julia von der Heide

Edison Cavani for the cover of Sepp 8 photographed by Nacho Alegre

Talent: Lena Mantler | AM Modelmanagement

Styling: Markus Ebner

Fashion: Balenciaga / adidas

Photo assistant: Alina Cherubin